• Clubs

    It can be daunting and expensive for any novice golfer to buy his or her own first clubs. There’s so much information, tips, and advice to sort through to figure out the best brands, type of club, price, etc. That’s why we’ve simplified this process so that browsing for the perfect clubs is quick and easy.

    All golf clubs have several components in common, no matter what type they are: woods, wedges, putters or any other type of club. First, the rubber cover that you hold on to is called the grip. You’ll find these in jumbo, midsize, and standard. Figure out which you’re most comfortable holding on to, and stick to it. The shaft, which makes up the length of your club, can be either metal or graphite. Different clubs have different flexes, or amounts that they bend while being swung. The part that controls the angle of the club head is the hosel. Everyone is different, so play with a few types and see what angle for having the club head rest at feels best for you.

    Last, the clubhead is what actually hits the ball when you swing. It controls the distance the ball flies when you hit it. Whether you are picking a club or grabbing a few new golf balls to practice with, Go Golf World has what you need.

  • Bags

    Go Golf World wants to know about your golf habits. Are you a walker, do you spend more time in a golf cart, or do you mix it up a bit? How often do you go out golfing? You’ll need to consider all this and more when figuring out what’s best in a golf bag for you, because functionality is king. There are several types of golf bags to consider:

    The staff bag is the Lincoln SUV of golf bags. These are what you find the pros using. They have all the space you need for everything you could possibly want to carry with you on the green. They tend to weigh in at about 10 lbs, though, so, once you’ve filled that with all your gear, it may be a bit much to carry if you’re on foot.

    Cart bags are the smaller cousin of the staff bag. For that, though, they are noticeably lighter. They’re made for what the name suggests, being carried on a golf cart. Great if you are riding or using a pull cart, but we wouldn’t recommend using one if you are walking. Consider what your needs are in a golf bag and check out all that Go Golf World has to offer.

  • Accessories

    While a set of clubs will get you started, there is plenty more needed to play your best game. The additional accessories may not all be absolutely mandatory, but each can help make the day go a bit more smoothly. The accessories are designed to cut back on the work and stress needed to make that great shot or directly narrow down that margin of error a little more. That’s going to include golf gloves, tees, ball retrievers, umbrellas, golf towels, club head covers, ball markers, and practice gear. Go Golf World is here to make sure you have everything you need to elevate your performance.

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